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666 and the Mark of the Beast - REVEALED!
Darrell Beaudoin
17 Views · 3 months ago

All the prophetic elements are now being set in place for the implimentation of the Mark of the Beast. God's urgent warning is more relevant than ever, to "Worship God and keep His commandments".
This presentation will open your eyes to the Amazing Facts of Bible Prophecy.
Truth will set you Free!

Revelation's Mystery of Death: Solved!
Darrell Beaudoin
9 Views · 3 months ago

Billions are dangerously confused on this vital topic. Discover in this presentation how the truth about death, spirits and demon possession fits into the larger theme of the final events of Bible prophecy. God's word, the Bible, provides the clearest answers.

THE MAGNIFICENT LONG-WINDED PAPER PREACHER (Sharing Adventist Literature with Power!)
Darrell Beaudoin
14 Views · 3 months ago

God wants to equip you for one of the most powerful soul winning ministries available today. Simply by intentionally sharing gospel literature to your friends, family and everyone you meet on a day to day bases whom God is preparing their hearts to receive Christ.

Learn how to do it well, do it right, and do it boldly, with confident and skill.

For more information on how to share gospel literature with power, contact pastor Darrell at: hopeandhealing@telus.net

O When Shall I See Jesus [Hymn] - Darrell & Lise
Darrell Beaudoin
6 Views · 3 months ago

One of our favorite hymns.
(Jesus Is Coming Soon!)

In the Garden [Hymn] - Darrell & Lise
Darrell Beaudoin
13 Views · 3 months ago

Time alone with God in prayer and reading His word are essential to growing in the grace of God.
May this hymn inspire you to take the time each day to come close to Him and be assured of His love and forgiveness.

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