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Who shall be able to escape the snare and stand in the last day? (Channel bumper)

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Why do so many people who identify as Christians claim to revere the scriptures, yet never (or rarely) actually read them?I believe it may be due to a lack of spiritual perception, which I will speak more about in this study.People everywhere wish to know the Bible at a deeper level but often give up studying it for themselves.

And with increasing anxiety over doomsday scenarios, a variety of false teachings are beginning to gain popularity because most people aren鈥檛 aware of what the scriptures actually say.I鈥檓 going to share my personal bible studies to help you get a deeper understanding of bible teachings as I learn along with you.

Most people come to the Bible looking for comfort, while others are seeking answers in Bible prophecy to guide them through the last days. In this video, I鈥檓 going to touch on this topic with a brief introduction to the prophecy of Daniel and Revelation.

Books that are key to understanding the end of time.In Revelation 6:14-17, John the Revelator describes a frightening scene depicting the second Advent. Through the devastation of this event, we see people hiding from the presence of the Lamb of God, while in a state of panic, hoping the rocks and mountains will destroy them rather than face the wrath of God.

Are you familiar with this? Can you imagine?

Everyone on earth found spiritually unready will be surprised by an event the Bible has prophesied since the beginning of time. An event most people think isn鈥檛 real.

Just a few years ago, I also subscribed to this idea. Ready to learn the truth?

Get the guide here: https://bit.ly/sinthesnare

Learn what the Bible predicts about the end, get the free eBook: https://bit.ly/Gc88pdf

Downloadables: https://mybiblestudy.app/subscribe/

By the way, I didn't feel like doing the voice-over...馃ぃ but it still sounds pretty good, and am happy with how this video turned out.

I'll be posting the complete study soon. These are really hard to produce. Anyway, welcome to my channel. I'm Jo.

In the other videos, you can see my face and hear my voice. But for some videos, like this one, I don't have the voice to act out the scenes lol.

So, if you like this stuff, subscribe, comment, and share. Thanks for watching.

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